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Chlorine Causes Breathing Problems in Swimmers

Chlorine in pools leads to breathing trouble in trained swimmers, regardless of past history of such problems, and the likelihood increases with the amount of chlorine used in the water

Alternatives To Chlorine

Chlorine byproducts found in swimming pools are linked to higher incidences of asthma, lung damage, stillbirths, miscarriages and bladder cancer, according to research conducted in the U.S., Canada, Norway, Australia and Belgium.

Chlorinated Pools Linked to Asthma

Chlorinated pools can cause Asthma, according to research from several sources. These findings may explain why swimmers are more prone to Asthma than athletes in other sports

European Strategy for Chlorine Reduction

As we have seen in this series, there are credible researchers telling us that chlorine has some very serious health consequences when used as a sanitizer in swimming pools

Tap Water-Miscarriage Link Found

Pregnant women in their first trimester who drink five or more glasses of cold tap water daily may be at higher risk of miscarriage, according to a study of California chlorinated drinking water.

Ozone in swimming pool treatment expected to grow

Many believe it would be desirable if chlorination of water could be phased out because of the known health and environmental risks with chlorination systems.

Shower Filters Recommended for Trihalomethanes

A new study shows that consumers may be more exposed to THMs when they take showers, as opposed to when they drink water.

Chlorine Linked to Cancer and Environmental Harm

Environmentalists consider it one of the most dangerous substances on the planet. Chlorine and its offspring (dioxin, chlorofluorocarbons, chlordane pesticide) have been linked to cancer, ozone-layer depletion and other ills


European Investigators Identify Potential Cause of Asthma in Swimmers

European investigators at two different centres have identified what might be the trigger that causes asthma in swimmers more than many other athletes.

Study Warns Pregnant Women Millions Drink Contaminated Waters

Millions of Americans have been drinking tap water contaminated with chemical chlorine byproducts that are far more than what studies suggest may be safe for pregnant women, two environmental groups say in a new study.

Trihalomethanes in Swimming Pools

For many decades chlorination has been used as a major disinfectant process for public drinking and swimming pool water in manycountries. However, there has been rising concern over the possible linkbetween disinfectant byproducts (DBPs) and adverse reproductive outcomes.

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