Odor Axe Testimonials


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“I have no problem recommending the Envron ozone system to anyone. We have not had a vehicle where we couldn’t kill the odors and we’ve been using this system for 15 years. It’s thorough, fast and low-cost. What more could you ask for?”

Kirby Kazeil,
Suds Car Wash – Regina, SK. Canada

“I have been in the detailing business for 25 years and the Odor Axe absolutely works the best for killing odors. We have an extremely busy detailing business. I needed a product that could give me consistent results in very short time frames. The Odor Axe is in constant use in my shop.”

Max Bienz
Shine Factory

“I have never seen such tremendous results from a product for killing odors in vehicles. I have 30 years of detailing experience in the automotive industry.  The Odor Axe does what it’s supposed to do.”

 Alvin Kehler
Funk’s Toyota

“The Odor Axe has done wonders for our used vehicle inventory. Odors in our used vehicles cost us money, lost sales and inventory sitting on the lot. This product is a great asset for our company! I highly recommend this system.”

Curtis Paradee
McDonald Chevrolet Buick

“Bathurst Honda uses ozone for our entire used car inventory for odor management. Because of the low cost of application of Ozone for our used cars, we ozonate every car on the lot as part of our regular detailing procedure.

Our rationale is that it is better to use ozone to begin with rather than lose a sale. Everyone has different definitions of what constitutes a clean car, but the ozone provides such a useful solution that we feel it is better to be safe than sorry. We highly recommend this solution for anyone looking to improve their used car sales.”

Sylvain Boudreau
Bathurst Honda – Bathurst, New Brunswick, Canada

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