The Envron Covid-19 Disinfection Protocol

Envron Rapid 6-Log Covid-19 Deactivation Protocol – Now Available for Licensing

6-Log Deactivation verifiable with ISO-certified testing.

Step 1 – Clear Room and Position Ozone Generator

Step 2 – Ozone flows into the room and is circulated. Ozone levels are monitored for protocol compliance.

Step 3 – After Disinfection, residual Ozone is quickly destroyed with a catalytic destruct unit and the room is ready for use.


  • Six-log Covid-19 inactivation
  • Low-cost ISO certified laboratory testing available for compliance
  • Fast Acting – rooms are put back into service immediately
  • Ozone reverts back to oxygen – no harmful residuals
  • The most cost-effective system on the market
  • Completely safe for workers and customers
  • Trained personnel administer ozone
  • Systems can be permanently stationed if required
  • Ozone will not harm materials in rooms
  • Ozone gas permeates all areas of the room
  • Secondary disinfection of non-target viruses and bacteria
  • Room odors are destroyed in the process


  • Over 30 years ozone experience
  • Systems range from small to large
  • Numerous systems in the field in Europe, North America and the Middle East
  • The only ozone company to offer a guaranteed Covid-19 protocol
  • ISO Laboratory test results available for compliance, audit and safety testing
  • Safety is a top priority in handling ozone
  • Ozone systems can be permanently mounted and training is available for ozone application

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