Ozone Swimming Pool Retrofit is Less Expensive With Powered Off-Gas/Contacting Unit

Ozone swimming pool treatment system design has been the subject of hundreds of scientific studies worldwide. As the technology has evolved over the last hundred years, so has the application of new engineering principles and design models.The latest Ozone engineering principle involves the use of a self-contained powered Ozone contacting/off-gassing system. This system means that the large contact tanks found in older system designs are no longer required. Which results in significant capital savings on a new pool or retrofit.

“Traditional” Ozone Design

In older-style systems, Ozone design engineers would typically use a large contacting/off-gas tank for initial Ozone contacting. In German DIN standards (one of the highest standards in the world), the tank would be 25-30% of the size of the main pool. This means that a 100,000 gallon pool would require a 25-30,000 gallon contact tank.The purpose of this tank was to ensure Ozone contacting and off-gassing in a controlled environment. The additional infrastructure required for this design meant that pool operators paid a large capital cost to ensure the use of Ozone in the pool.

Powered Contacting/Off-Gas Systems

One of the latest Ozone engineering innovations replaces the traditional contact tank design with a compact, self-contained contacting system that is 98% efficient. Which means that instead of having a 25,000 – 30,000 gallon contact tank for a 100,000 gallon pool , the new system uses a powered contacting/mixing/off-gas unit (see photo below).This engineered solution to Ozone contacting/off gassing offers swimming pool system designers a very economical and practical way to design or retrofit Ozone systems while still maintaining Ozone efficiency.

Reduced Capital Costs

Because of this innovation, retrofitting is a relatively simple process. By using “sidestream” Ozonation principles, a percentage of the pool return water is mixed with Ozone in the contacting system. This Ozonated water is returned to the pool circulation system. Exact placement of the returns is dictated by the pool design itself.

For the pool operator, this system saves a tremendous amount of capital restructuring for a retrofit as well as for new pool design. There is no longer any need to introduce huge contacting tanks (pressurized or non-pressurized) and the contacting/off-gas system itself can be operated under pressure or from a non-pressurized water flow. Typical capital cost savings range from 50 – 75%.

ORP or non-ORP Systems

Envron uses ORP (Oxygen Redox Potential) or non-ORP controlled systems. The ORP enabled system is generally sized to bather loading figures.The non-ORP system is based on “general” bather loading principles developed by Envron for typical pool loadings.In either case, the systems as developed by Envron ensure full Ozonation benefits.

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