Case Study III

Adena Beef Packing Plant Ozone Odor Control System

Adena Beef in Florida is an excellent example of a purpose-built Ozone odor control system in a high-throughput ventilation system. The ventilation system was designed specifically for the Envron Ozone odor control system.

The beef packing plant is a 63,000 square foot facility with an 88,000 CFM ventilation system near Fort McCoy Fla. The facility produces all-natural, grass-fed lean beef.

The ventilation system was designed to be the contacting/retention system with the addition of static mixers and the required retention time.

Ozone is supplied using Oxygen-fed Ozone Generators with double-quartz Ozone generating tubes. This means a highly-dependable Ozone system with minimal maintenance required.

In addition, redundancies were built into the system by using multiple Ozone Generators to deliver the Ozone. The Ozone generating duties were split among four high-concentration, high-output units. So if one unit happens to go down, there is still 3/4s of the system operating.

This has resulted in an incredibly robust system that has been effective since the plant opened. Other aspects of the design include a power safety interlock as well as independent monitoring of the ventilation system to ensure that Ozone is not generated if the ventilation system is not operational.

No odors have been detected leaving the plant using the Ozone system and no odor complaints have ever been received by the facility.

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