How Does Ozone Destroy Odors?

By gassing the odors with Ozone, the odors are literally “torn apart” at a chemical level. Ozone is in the same chemical family as chlorine and other oxidizers. However, Ozone is made from Oxygen and is much faster-acting.

Also, because Ozone is made from Oxygen, it does not leave harmful chemical residues. So, by dosing the interior of a car with Ozone, you can quickly kill odors (most cars require less than a 10 minute treatment).

Ozone literally “disassembles” odors at a chemical level.

Ozone has a very key place in your detailing department. Used properly, Ozone will remove all kinds of odors including those generated by beer, smoke, gas, diesel, vomit, skunks, livestock odors, urine, feces, cigars, cigarettes and most other odors. In a properly cleaned vehicle, Ozone will remove almost any lingering odor.

Ozone delivers the lowest cost per treatment on the market.

It is also the ONLY system that works on virtually ALL odor

Ozone is an “oxidizer”. Oxidants are used to destroy or convert organics in all kinds of industries. Ozone is used to oxidize numerous organics in air treatment. It has been used for odor control for decades in remediation industries, dry cleaning and commercial and industrial plants

Ozone quickly breaks these complex substances down into component parts at an atomic level. In so doing, it quickly and permanently destroys odors. In Europe especially and increasingly in North America, Ozone has long been used in remediation industries to kill odors in homes or businesses where fires, flooding and other disasters have occurred.

Ozone can be put to use to convert pollutants such as ammonia, mercaptans, sulfides and other organic (odor-causing) materials into inert, non-odorous by-products. Ozone is an extremely fast-acting oxidant. It is these unique characteristics that allow Ozone to be put to use in odor control.

After oxidizing substances, Ozone simply reverts back to Oxygen. There are no toxic or caustic residues. The target substances are broken down into their base components. Smells are permanently destroyed. There is no magic in the application of Ozone. It is a chemical process that is predictable and well understood by Chemical Engineers, Chemists and Ozone Engineers.

Envron Ozone is used to destroy odors in industrial applications including hog barns, poultry barns, composting operations, car washes and other applications. Ozone is the most powerful, fastest-acting oxidant commercially available and has a long history of odor control.
Ozone- Not A Masking Agent

In the odor control industry, there are two different ways to control odors. Masking agents are used to disguise or alter the base odor. These systems work with success in some areas and fail miserably in others. The difference between Ozone and other odor control agents is that Ozone provides a permanent end to odors. It is not a masking agent or perfume and does not “cover up” odors.

Many odor causing substances can generate odors for weeks, months or years. For example, smoke-damaged homes or autos can be smelled for years. The only way to permanently and quickly kill these odors is with Ozone. There is no other more powerful odor killer on the market.

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